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General Enquiries 

Q. What is the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge?
A. Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge is fun, free environmental awareness programme that helps upper primary and lower secondary schools (8-14 year olds) across the UK explore the wonders of the rainforest and take simple actions at school, and at home, to reduce deforestation.

Q. What’s involved?
A. The Challenge involves takes between 6-8 weeks to complete with about 1 hour’s class activity each week.

You can choose from three different Challenge topics: Food We Eat, Stuff We Buy or Energy We Use. Find out more information about the Challenge.

Q. How will I know what to do during the Challenge?
A. During registration you will be asked to create a user name and password to use each time you log in to Teachers’ HQ, a dedicated teachers’ resources section on the site which contains all the resources you need for each stage of your Challenge.

From the Teachers’ HQ page, click on the arrows of the ‘Where you’re up to’ scrolling banner to view the resources for the current and upcoming stages.

Q. What is Teachers’ HQ?
A. In the first instance, Teachers’ HQ is where you go to create your teams.

Once you’ve created your teams, as the Team Leader, you can then log in to Teachers’ HQ to access all the teaching and learning resources you need, check submitted by the team and monitor all of your team’s activities.

Q. What should student blog posts be about?
A. The blog posts are an opportunity for pupils to share their Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge activities with other participating teams. Engaging / informative blog posts will also help students win the ‘Team of the Month' prize.  Read about the 'Team of the Month' prize [Add a link to the Team of the Month page 

Q. What equipment do I need?
A. You do not need any specialist equipment other than a computer as the students report their activities online and can blog about their achievements. For this reason, it may be useful to book some time in your school's ICT suite if you do not have access to a computer in class.

Registering my school

Q. Can anyone register for the Challenge?
A. You must be a registered staff member of a UK or Ireland primary or secondary school to register your school. You will have the option to register a second teacher (as an alternative contact) during the registration process.

Home schools or community groups should contact us if you’d like to participate. Please note, only registered schools are eligible to win prizes.  

Q. Is there a cost for participating in the Challenge?
A. No, the programme is completely FREE for registered UK and Republic of Ireland primary and secondary schools.

Q. I can’t find my school in the registration form. What should I do?
A. All registered UK and Ireland primary or secondary schools (including special schools) are eligible. If your school does not appear on the registration list, please contact us.

Q. I have not received my registration email. What should I do?
A. Your registration email will be generated automatically. If you have not received it, your system may have identified it as junk mail. Please check your junk mail folder.  If it is not there please contact us for assistance.

Q. I have registered but cannot remember my log in details
A.  If you have your user name but have forgotten your password, visit the login page and click on the ‘Request new password’ tab at the top of the page. An automatically generated password will be sent to your email address. Alternatively for a reminder of your log in details please contact us.

Creating a team

Q. How many people are needed to form an Explorers Team?
A. Each Explorer team can have up to 10 members. If you have a lot of interest from students, the Explorer team can lead larger groups of students through the Challenge. Each school can have up to three teams.

If you would like to use the programme for a whole class of up to 30 students, we recommend you set up three Explorer teams of 10 students doing the three different Challenges.

Q. How should I recruit an Explorer team?
A. Teams can be made up of students from a single class, or they can be made up of a group of students from each year level. One way to recruit your Explorer team is to run a rainforest assembly and ask for volunteers.

If you have more students interested than you have places, you might want to consider putting in place an application process or holding an election.

Q. How many teachers and staff can be involved?
A. It’s a good idea to have one teacher or staff member in charge of each Explorer team. Only one staff member can sign up each school, but if you’d like to register more teachers or staff, please contact us

Q. How do I know which Challenge is right for my team?
A. The best way to ensure the right Challenge is let the students decide what issues are most important to them. You could hold a school or team-wide vote. If you accidently choose the wrong Challenge topic, please contact us

Q. How does the Team log in to its Team HQ?
A. The Team HQ is where your students can access the survey and information sheets they need to complete their work. To log into the Team HQ the students will need to use their team name as a username and the password you set when originally creating the team.

Team Curriculum and Resources

Q. What part of the curriculum does the Challenge cover?
A. The Challenge supports the upper primary and lower secondary curriculum including citizenship, science, geography, numeracy and PSHE subject areas.

In addition the activities will help your students develop the following life skills: creativity, teamwork, communication, problem-solving and self-management as well as building their advocacy, campaigning and community engagement skills.

We have outlined how the Challenge supports your country’s curriculum and have developed schemes of work for each here:

Northern Ireland

Q. How can I use the programme to help reach Eco-schools status?
A. Completing the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge is a brilliant way to help you achieve either Bronze or Silver Eco-Schools status depending on your actions. It will also contribute significantly towards achieving your Green Flag status, particularly with Eco-School’s compulsory energy focus.

More about Eco-schools in your country:

Northern Ireland

See last year's results and environmental impacts

Points and the Grand Prize and Regional Prize winners’ competition

Q. How are points earned?
A. Your Explorer teams can earn points at each stage along the journey. The more points you collect, the more you increase your chances of winning our Team of the Month prize and also our regional and Grand Prizes in June 2013. 

Your team can earn extra points by uploading blog posts or videos. Additional points will be added at the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge Team’s discretion and/or for participating in additional Rainforest related events and initiatives.

Q. What prizes can teams win?
A. We offer a ‘Team of the Month’ prize throughout the school year – an HD Video Camera.  In addition, your Explorer team will receive Prize Packs once they’ve completed their first investigation. We have an annual competition for our regional Explorer Team finalists and Overall Grand Prize winners in June. Find out more about our prizes.

Q. What is the ‘Team of the Month’?
A. Team of the Month is a competition running throughout the academic year where we recognise and promote high achieving teams.  We’re keen to know what teams are up to, so by earning points and posting a combination of informative blog posts and photographs you could win Team of the Month and receive an HD Video Camera for your school.  Find out more about our prizes.

Q. How can I enter the Grand Prize competition?
A. All teams that complete a Challenge between the beginning of the 2012 academic year and the competition closing date in June 2013 will be automatically entered for the chance or win our Grand Prize.

Q. What recognition do we get for completing a Challenge?
A. At the end of your Challenge a link will appear on Teachers’ HQ enabling you to request United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) certificates for your successful team members. These will be posted to your school in recognition of what you’ve achieved.

Website and Privacy Settings

Q. How can I control who sees my teams’ profiles?
A. During the registration process you will have the opportunity to choose how widely available you would like your team profiles will be.

You can choose from the following options:

• Private - Only you, your team and administrators of the site will be able to see your profile. Teams with private profiles will not be eligible for the ‘Team of the Week’ prize.

• Registered users only - All registered users of the site will be able to see your profile. This will include teachers and students from other schools registered for the site.

• Public - Any visitors to the site will be able to view your profile. Please refer to your school’s child protection policy when uploading photos of students.

Have a question that's not answered here? Please contact us.

See our terms and conditions for more information.

Teams Taking Action

Team of the Month

Form 4 Savers

Challenge: Stuff We Buy

Form 4 Savers Photograph

It's our absolute pleasure to announce our new Team of the Month - Form 4 Savers from Maldon Court Preparatory School. The team, led by their teacher Miss Burke has shown great enthusiasm and we were particularly impressed with the interest the team has shown in the topics, their efforts in taking on a second challenge, creating family top tip guides and sharing messages with lots of different people. Well done to you all!

Form 4 Savers Logo

View team blog & profile

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