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About the Challenge

Could you help protect the world's rainforests?

PLEASE NOTE: The Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge is not currently active. Schools are welcome to login, use and download the resources and activities, however there is no live competion or offline support from Global Action Plan or any of the partners previously involved in the programme. If you'd like to take part in one of Global action Plan's current schools prorgammes please visit 


Designed for 8–14 year olds, Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge is a brilliant free online programme that enables you and your students to help protect the rainforest.

Choose from 3 fascinating Challenge topics:

Food We Eat– Learn about sustainable food choices and understand how the food we eat can help or hinder the rainforests.

Last year schools doing this topic showed a 34% increase in their knowledge of Fair Trade. 

Stuff We Buy– Learn about consumerism and how rising demand for natural resources is impacting the rainforest and how we can make a difference through the stuff we buy. 

Last year schools doing this topic showed a 31% increase in the use of FSC and recycled paper products in school. 

Energy We Use Learn about the links between energy, climate change and the rainforest and help the rainforest by reducing the energy we use.

Last year schools doing this challenge showed a 21% decrease in energy wastage at school.

What's involved?

It takes 6-8 weeks to complete your Challenge with about 1 hour’s class activity each week.

Set up an Explorer team who do some simple research to understand your school’s current environment impact.

Then get your Explorer team to run a mini-environmental awareness campaign to help your school learn about the world’s rainforests and the simple steps that everyone can take to help reduce the school’s environmental impact.

Finally ask your Explorer Team to do a final survey to see how your activities have made a difference, reducing your school’s environmental impact.

Primary schools often run their Challenge during lesson time and secondary schools often run theirs as part of an Eco- or Geography Club or as part of an annual Green Week. It’s up to you!

There are fantastic goodies on offer and prizes to be won including a £1,000 grand prize and the chance to win a trip to Sky to make a film about the rainforest!  More about our prizes

What resources are available?

We’ve developed all the curriculum-based resources you need to make running your Challenge easy including detailed lesson plans and survey sheets. Learn more about the resources

Who can take part?

If you’re a registered member of a UK or Ireland primary or secondary school you can sign your school up for the Challenge.

If you’re a home-schooler or community group, please contact us about running a Challenge. Please note, these groups are not eligible for any prizes.

Like more information?

Read about our results and environmental impacts

Read our case studies and quotes from participating schools                                              

Read our FAQs

Read about Sky's partnership with WWF and Global Action Plan

Teams Taking Action

Team of the Month

Form 4 Savers

Challenge: Stuff We Buy

Form 4 Savers Photograph

It's our absolute pleasure to announce our new Team of the Month - Form 4 Savers from Maldon Court Preparatory School. The team, led by their teacher Miss Burke has shown great enthusiasm and we were particularly impressed with the interest the team has shown in the topics, their efforts in taking on a second challenge, creating family top tip guides and sharing messages with lots of different people. Well done to you all!

Form 4 Savers Logo

View team blog & profile

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