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About our Partnership

Sky, WWF and Global Action Plan have come together to create the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge.  As a media company with a presence in one in three households in the UK and Ireland, Sky is aware of its responsibility to inspire the public, especially younger generations, to take action on environmental issues.  WWF, the world’s leading independent conservation organisation, brings almost 50 years of conservation expertise. And behaviour-change charity Global Action Plan has drawn on years of experience working with schools and communities to encourage them to develop positive attitudes and behaviour towards the environment.  Together, we hope that the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge will help students in the UK and the Republic of Ireland understand how vital rainforests are to the world we live in, and to make small changes in their every day lives that reduce their environmental impact.  The Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge sits alongside Sky and WWF’s three-year campaign to help save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest, Sky Rainforest Rescue.
About Sky
Sky is a valued part of everyday life in almost 10 million homes, helping people to get even more out of the things they love.
Seeing the bigger picture is part and parcel of the way we do business. That’s why we’re committed to doing the right thing and playing our part in the communities where we live and work.
We’ve been playing our part to tackle climate change for several years now – doing all we can to reduce our own impact, and inspiring our customers to take action too.
We know that small actions can add up to make a big difference, but we also recognise that something drastic needs to be done in order to save the rainforest and tackle climate change. Sky Rainforest Rescue fits right in with our philosophy and our environment strategy. And by encouraging our customers to donate, together we can make a very big difference The Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge is another way we can inspire people to take action. Through creating an interactive online journey the aim is to ensure that by the end of the Challenge students and teachers have changed their behaviour in order to lessen their impact on the environment.
We strive to be the best for our customers and our people, and to make a positive contribution to life in the UK and Ireland. That is the best way for our business to achieve sustainable success.
About WWF
The environment is in crisis. But we remain positive.
WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. And we’re tackling the most serious conservation challenges facing the planet, building a future where people and nature thrive together.
That’s why we’re passionate about sharing the planet’s resources more sustainably, taking action on climate change and protecting endangered wildlife.
Our determination, experience and scientific know-how means we're a positive force for change. But these are tough challenges so we must also engage with communities, with business, with government. And with schools, through projects like the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge.
Together, we can succeed.
Our One Planet Schools® programme offers schools the opportunity to get involved with sustainability and the work of WWF so that young people can reduce their environmental impact now and become good environmental decision-makers in the future.
About Global Action Plan
Global Action Plan is a behaviour change charity that delivers environmental, social and financial improvements by working practically and creatively with businesses, schools and communities. We believe that when people act together, more significant and meaningful change takes place.
We worked with Sky to deliver Appetite for Action, inspiring more than 1,800 pupils to reduce food waste. In our work with schools
  • we work across different areas of sustainability including food, energy, water, and waste;
  • our programmes are measured, so the difference a school makes to the environment is clear;
  • we achieve a shift in behaviour, so that effects are long-lasting for the school and everyone involved.
And because our programmes are proven to work, they are endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Read more About the Challenge or see our FAQs.

Teams Taking Action

Team of the Month

Form 4 Savers

Challenge: Stuff We Buy

Form 4 Savers Photograph

It's our absolute pleasure to announce our new Team of the Month - Form 4 Savers from Maldon Court Preparatory School. The team, led by their teacher Miss Burke has shown great enthusiasm and we were particularly impressed with the interest the team has shown in the topics, their efforts in taking on a second challenge, creating family top tip guides and sharing messages with lots of different people. Well done to you all!

Form 4 Savers Logo

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