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Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge Prizes

Welcome Pack

Once you've registered and created your pupils' Explorer Team you'll be sent a Welcome Pack:
•    A Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge poster
•    A Rainforest DVD
•    Wristbands for students




Challenge Prize Pack

Once you have uploaded the results from your 1st Investigation, you will be sent a Challenge Prize Pack.

•    A poster
•    3 event posters
•    10 student bags
•    Pencils and rulers
•    A Teacher’s recycled shopping bag

Depending on the Challenge Topic you will receive:
•    Energy We Use – 1 classroom Energy Monitor
•    Food We Buy - 1 classroom Fairtrade football & football pump
•    Stuff We Buy – 10 student FSC crayon packs

Please note: the above prizes are subject to availability. Where certain prizes are not available, we will make every effort to provide suitable alternatives, however this may not always be possible.

Monthly Prize

In addition to learning about protecting the rainforest, teams accumulate points as they progress through the programme. Accumulating points can help teams win our Team of the Month prize - a GE DV-1 Full HD Video Camera.

Winning teams will also be featured on the website home page. For more information visit our Team of the Month page


Grand Prize and Regional Prize winners

In June 2013 we'll announce our Grand Prize winner and Regional Prize winner for the Explorer Teams who've impressed us the most with all of their activities and blog reports.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a £1,000 (€1,250) cash prize for their school and the opportunity to visit Sky's offices in London to make a special short film about the rainforest! Watch last year’s winners’ video.

The Regional Prize winners will receive a £500 (€650) cash prize each for the school.

How are the prizes awarded?

The prizes are awarded based on the following criteria:
•    Total points scored (Teams win points based on their Challenge activities)
•    Creativity of action ideas
•    Sustainability of changes
•    Evidence of parent and wider community involvement
•    Environmental improvement
•    Depth and quality of action reports

See our Terms and Conditions for more detail on the competitions.

Teams Taking Action

Team of the Month

Form 4 Savers

Challenge: Stuff We Buy

Form 4 Savers Photograph

It's our absolute pleasure to announce our new Team of the Month - Form 4 Savers from Maldon Court Preparatory School. The team, led by their teacher Miss Burke has shown great enthusiasm and we were particularly impressed with the interest the team has shown in the topics, their efforts in taking on a second challenge, creating family top tip guides and sharing messages with lots of different people. Well done to you all!

Form 4 Savers Logo

View team blog & profile

Could you be our next Team of the Month?

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