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The Green Lady Trunks from The New Rickstones Academy have 8 explorers in their team and are at the investigation stage of their journey.

They have surveyed 79 people and created 81 blog posts. Read more about the team progress below.


Our project

8th May

So far in our project for our sky rainforest board we have created some props to go on miss Thomas's wall and we have done flowers for "what about flowering fields" we have made lots of flowers and we are going to be putting them together to make a bouquet and then were going to put glitter over the flowers made out of tissue paper and for the line " is there a time?" We are going to make a big clock and other people are doing different things in other groups wrote by Jodie clay den :) ;'') xoxoxoxoxo

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8th May

As a team we can do it! We can save people! Help them they won't live with out water or a home or food! Help THEM

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25th March

hi i fill so sorry for the people how lie in the rainforest because they have to walk in bare feet and they bearly have any clothes.

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