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The w.w.r.f from Garstang St Thomas CE Primary have 7 explorers in their team and are at the success stage of their journey.

They have surveyed 215 people, created 611 blog posts and taken 7 actions. Read more about the team progress below.


Cime on guys

17th February

Come on guys when the information arrived to us last month it came with another evelope so we can raise money and send to wwf again. Josh

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blogging relpy

26th November

Hi guys,
its me Louisa.I agree with Josh and Amber,we should all be posting more.Just because the challenge is over doesn't mean we have to stop posting.Come on,think about how much deforestation is happening.It could be all gone in 2 weeks if we don't do anything.Think about the difference it would make if we keep posting these,the prize is £100 to spend,if we win,we could donate that to not just the WWF but other charities that support our cause,the other part of the prize is a chance to make a video on reforestation and the website said that they might be able to put it on TV.Think about how many people could see our fight for our cause.Toghether, we could stop deforestation for good.So come on guys,keep posting.


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20th November

We would like to hear your coments are any questions and we will check if we do so your quetions will be ancerd soon as possible


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