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The w.w.r.f from Garstang St Thomas CE Primary have 7 explorers in their team and are at the success stage of their journey.

They have surveyed 215 people, created 611 blog posts and taken 7 actions. Read more about the team progress below.


Keep going

22nd October

Come on guys,it can't just be me that cares any more.Keep posting we have built up a massive score come on...Let's keep working towards it

Louisa xx

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Come ON

19th September

Hey guys, just because we have stopped the challenge doesn't mean we have stopped if you know what I mean.Let's keep posting until we can't which will be NEVER.I looks like Josh and I (AND SOMETIMES hARVEY)are the only ones posting now.Come on team.This means a lot to not just me not just the wwf but everyone and everything that breathes air.I was not at school today because I was ill.I still keep posting because I care.If you do to then join us in saving the rainforests because I care and you know you do to.Together we can save them.

Louisa xx

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Blog Post

10th September

Hey guys don't just stop rasing and blogging.There are rainforest being destroyed.


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