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The w.w.r.f from Garstang St Thomas CE Primary have 7 explorers in their team and are at the success stage of their journey.

They have surveyed 215 people, created 611 blog posts and taken 7 actions. Read more about the team progress below.



1st September

Hey guys let's stay top


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26th August

Hey guys wait a second why does it say we only have 80 points(soon to be 90 after this post),I just rote all of that post....

Louisa xx

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Cause done

26th August

Hey guys,I want to thank everyone that took part in helping us get to be the only team on the 'top teams' list.We fought for the place by putting all of these posts.You see just cause we stopped the challenge we didn't stop posting . Thanks wwf,sky and all the rest of you @ sky rainforest rescue schools challenge H.Q.


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