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The w.w.r.f from Garstang St Thomas CE Primary have 7 explorers in their team and are at the success stage of their journey.

They have surveyed 215 people, created 611 blog posts and taken 7 actions. Read more about the team progress below.



12th August

Hey guys,just because we have stopped the challenge dose not mean we have to stop raising money.Like when I went camping I sold lemonade and gave the money to WWF even though it was only £21.50 I still donated

Louisa xx :)

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The tree

11th August

The biggest tree is in the amazon rainforest.


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Just wanted to say this.............

5th August

team hope the holidays are going well.

Yes! Louisa your right and they will probably do think that, that we
have finished so we don't care about it anymore but we do still
care about the rainforest.

You might of noticed that Whiskas (The Cat Food Group) have joined
up with WWF so every special cat food with the Wwf logal on it helps
save a Tiger.


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